Clean Energy Collective
Clean Energy Collective (CEC) develops community-owned renewable energy solutions for electric utilities and their customers, including the country’s first community-owned solar arrays. With CEC, residential and commercial utility customers can own fully maintained solar panels in a local, centralized facility. CEC’s proprietary RemoteMeter® software credits customers for the clean power produced directly on their monthly electric bills. In one easy step, customers receive a positive financial payback and reduce pollution - without making any changes to their property. CEC community-owned solar arrays make local renewable energy easy and a smart financial decision for everyone.
What Is Community-Owned Solar?
Community solar arrays, sometimes referred to as a solar farm or solar garden, are centralized photovoltaic (PV) power facilities that deliver reliable, commercial-scale renewable energy to an electric utility’s grid. The utility’s customers, including residences, businesses, and tax-exempt entities, can own or lease solar panels in the array without having to install panels on their own rooftop or property. In return for the power produced, customers receive credits on monthly electric bills, reducing their expenses and exposure to rising electricity costs while also reducing their carbon footprint. Community solar arrays are ideally situated for sun exposure and professionally maintained for maximum power production and bill savings over an extended lifetime. Customers can own as many panels as they choose (up to 100% of their power need), transfer panels if they move, or sell panels at any time. Community-owned solar refers to Clean Energy Collective’s unique solution in which participants can own their panels providing a better return and an extended savings solution for years to come. Community solar arrays make renewable energy easy, accessible, and smart for everyone – including the environment!

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