A no-cost, no-effort, utility solution to fit your needs
Whether you are looking for an affordable, in-network solution to meet RPS and clean energy goals, or the ideal way to provide solar energy to your customers, Clean Energy Collective (CEC) provides you with a proven, turnkey community solar solution. Your customers will thank you!
A Few of Our Utility Partners
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What is CEC's Community-Owned Solar program?
CEC locates, funds and constructs a centralized utility-scale (500 kW to 50 MW) solar facility that is interconnected to the utility's grid at an ideal location. The energy generated flows directly to the utility under a mutually agreed contract (PPA, FIT, etc.) and is controlled by the utility. Customers of the utility have the opportunity to purchase solar panels from the community solar facility.

In return, the participating customer is issued its portion of the respective contract (monetary payment) via an on-bill credit applied against their existing utility bill for the energy generated by their panels. The on-bill credit is automatically applied by CEC's proprietary RemoteMeter® software, which integrates directly with the utility's billing system. All of this is provided to the utility by Clean Energy Collective with no capital costs and no staff time required. Add to your renewable energy portfolio and customer satisfaction with no added costs!
Why not do your own community solar program?
The mechanics of community solar are very complex and many companies have tried and struggled to create community-owned solar programs, with CEC being nationally recognized by the Institute for Local Self Reliance as the only widely-replicable community solar solution in the country. While community solar is a simple concept, its successful implementation is quite complex, including the following major areas of concern:
  • Complying with Securities and consumer protection laws that govern how customers can participate in projects and programs
  • Fulfilling IRS requirements to be able to leverage the 30% solar investment tax credit (ITC) to lower the cost of the system (only available to tax paying entities)
  • Ability able to provide ongoing bill-credits without creating a significant workload for utility staff
  • Administering the program (marketing, sales, transfers and support) and managing the solar facilities (operations, maintenance and upkeep) for the 30-50 year life of the facility – time consuming and expensive
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