Nothing on your roof.
Savings on your electric bill.
Too much shade for rooftop solar? Own or rent a house or condo that doesn't allow solar? Or maybe you just prefer not to have solar on your roof. That's ok. You can still go solar with Community-Owned Solar.
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Why Clean Energy Collective?
Community solar is easy and saves you money
After owning a rooftop solar system on a previous home, Brendan Miller wanted to own another system-though he and his wife Robin now live in a Denver condo. Community-owned solar offered the perfect solution.

“I found [community solar] quite simple to participate in, which overcomes what I see as one of the biggest hurdles in solar today,” Brendan said. “I have recommended community solar as an option to friends because I feel like solar is a good investment – and community solar makes it easy to do.”

Brendan and Robin Miller - Edwards, CO - View Story
How Does It Work?
Optimal Performance
Our Community Solar projects are built in optimally sited locations.
Perfect angle, no shade, and lots of sun!
Nothing on Your Roof
No construction worries or damage to your home. The perfect solution
for those that can't have or don't want solar panels on their rooftop.
Protect Against Rising Energy Prices
As the national average electric rate rises, your bill stays the same.
Community Solar locks in low energy costs!