About the Clean Energy Collective
The Clean Energy Collective is a new idea in power generation that is building, operating and maintaining community-based clean energy facilities. Based in Carbondale, Colorado, the CEC is pioneering the model of delivering clean power-generation through medium-scale facilities that are collectively owned by participating utility customers. The CEC’s proprietary RemoteMeter™ system automatically calculates monthly credits for members and integrates with utilities’ existing billing system.

Why is the CEC’s model so impactful?
For the first time in clean energy’s history, the CEC has made ownership available to everyone with an electric bill. We have achieved this by making clean energy ownership a smart financial decision (lowering the cost), eliminating all site issues such as home orientation, shading and building ownership (renters), and by minimizing the financial barrier to entry through allowing the purchase of a single operating panel.

Graph Shows Current Solar Installations in US and Large Potential Community Solar Market

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