CEC Launches Community-Owned Solar Gardens for Xcel Customers
Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Clean Energy Collective is launching its Community-Owned Solar Gardens project for Xcel Energy customers.


A solar garden is a large, centrally located solar farm that serves customers who own the individual panels. In 2012, Xcel Energy is opening up the new Community-Owned Solar Gardens Program to its customers.


For every solar panel an Xcel customer purchases in the garden, Xcel Energy will pay that customer for the power it produces every month. A solar garden provides clean, renewable energy and a hedge against rising energy costs without requiring panels on the roof of a customer's home or business. The Clean Energy Collective (CEC) handles everything, including monthly bill credits and maintenance for the life of the garden. 


Customers get to enjoy the benefits of clean solar power at great rates with no worries about service, maintenance, or shading. Space is limited and the CEC is encouraging interested Xcel customers to reserve membership in the program today. Visit to complete a no-obligation reservation form. For more information, call 970-319-3939.

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