SMPA Community Solar Update (Oct. 2012)
Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Community Solar Update

SMPA Community Solar Farm Update
October 2012

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As we continue construction and near the activation of the SMPA Community Solar Farm, we look forward to keeping you up to date on our progress.

The SMPA Community Solar Farm is located on seven acres in the northeast corner of Paradox Valley along U.S. Highway 90, approximately 15 miles west of Naturita, Colo. When completed, it will provide enough clean electricity to power roughly 220 homes within SMPA's service territory.

We broke ground on the project in July and have already erected 60% of the solar panels.

SMPA Community Solar Farm - Colorado
Click here for more construction photos and also photos of our Groundbreaking Ceremony.

We expect to have the array completed and in production by mid-November. We are planning a Grand Opening ceremony with SMPA and hope that you will attend. At the Grand Opening, we will invite all subscribers and their families to tour the Community Solar Farm to see the actual panels that are producing clean, renewable energy to power their homes and businesses.

If you have already submitted a reservation with Clean Energy Collective, your solar panels in the SMPA Community Solar Farm are still reserved. As we get closer to completing the array, we will contact you regarding the next steps for activating your system.

If you have not yet submitted a reservation, now is the time to get started. Don't miss out! To learn more and receive a proposal for a community solar system that works for your budget and objectives, click here.

What is Community Solar?

Community solar is making solar available to more people than ever before, allowing you to have clean solar energy without the hassle and expense of constructing an individual system on your rooftop. Clean Energy Collective constructs arrays of solar panels, called "solar farms", in centralized locations. CEC takes care of all the maintenance and repair. SMPA solar subscribers receive the same financial benefits as if the panels were installed on their roofs, and are credited directly on their monthly SMPA electric bills for the power their panels produce.

Read this recent USA Today article on community solar.

Community Partner Program

CEC's Community Partner Program encourages community organizations and individuals to work with CEC to promote community solar. In exchange, CEC's Community Partners receive a percentage of each sale that they help generate. The Community Partner program is open to any organization or individual who works within the community, including environmental groups, churches, schools, non-profits, property managers, real estate agents and HOA's. Please email us if you would like more information:

Community solar couldn't exist without supportive community members. Thanks to your support and others like you, these community solar gardens will continue to grow and flourish, bringing more clean, renewable energy to SMPA customers.

Get Started with Community Solar

The commitment of SMPA members to community solar power has been extraordinary, and we are actively taking reservations for the project, so please tell all your friends to visit to make their reservations.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

-- Clean Energy Collective

SMPA Community Solar

For more information, contact:
SMPA Community Solar Farm
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